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Insight to Eyesight


The brain uses the eyes to gather information about our surroundings. The brain cannot process all our view so it must first decide what to look for. The eyes-brain system then has to select that information, usually by shifting eye position and often by shifting focus. Just how the eyes-brain go through this process is the real test of visual efficiency.

Here at Owen Leigh Optometry, we specialise in helping patients of all ages to develop flexibility in their vision to meet all their needs and interests. We start this by observing and measuring your eye-brain system with a wide range of visual challenges.

Eye health and eyesight are important but this must not be the end point of developing good vision. We want to take you much further than that, to explore ways that you can see more, feel more, move better, plan better and understand quicker.

We use 'visual efficiency glasses', vision exercises (vision therapy) and 'learning lenses' to help you develop your own vision. We add dietary advice, consider coloured lenses and refer to other disciplines if that will help you meet your goals.

What we see is dependant upon what we are looking for and what we managed to see last time.


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